Archivoz International Magazine is a free online magazine, international in scope for the professional and general public, interested in archives and document management. Founded in June 2017 as a collaborative and volunteer-based project, the Archivoz team includes professionals from all over the world. Currently, we publish mainly in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The magazine aims to shed light on new developments and best practices for those interested in archives and information management. 

What are the benefits of being a Content Editor?

  • Develop your skills in planning; new tools; remote and in-person communication, presentation; negotiation; content and analysis and review skills 
  • Gain extra credits towards your continued professional development
  • Raise your profile and get involved with established and new professionals around the world  

What would a Content Editor be asked to do?

  • Conduct interviews with archives and record management professionals 
  • Ask professionals for new articles to be published in the magazine
  • Edit and review the content provided for articles and interviews
  • Attend meetings and participate fully in the Archivoz community 
  • Be open to one-off additional tasks from time to time 

Who would the Content Editor work with?

  • Primarily with English-language team
  • Social media officers
  • Other Archivoz members 

Whom would the Content Editor be reporting to?

  •  English Director and Global Director

How much time would be involved?

  • Minimum one year in the role
  • At least 4 publications a year

Tools you will use while performing this role (no previous experience needed) 

  • WordPress 
  • Trello 
  • Discord 
  • Google Calendar 
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