Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been developed as a response to previously interventive methods of getting rid of insects and other pests in collections.

It is part of collection care, and rather than focusing on eliminating active pests, it looks at effective ways of controlling their onset through monitoring and housekeeping. 

 EXPM Disinfestation Chamber by Anoxia 

Anoxia equipment for the continuous and systematic treatment of documents, books and works of art.

This system allows to define and control the parameters of the atmosphere inside the chamber, in an automated and intuitive way, providing an adequate atmosphere with low oxygen content for the purpose of disinfestation by anoxia. 

Conservation & Preservation Laboratories 

We offer a comprehensive technical and logistical support package, which includes all the steps to implement a space dedicated to heritage preservation.  EXPM carries out the project, the installation of equipment, training and after-sales assistance, providing everything necessary to put into operation a new laboratory specialized in Conservation and Restoration.  Our turn key designs are available internationally. We can help you create new installations from scratch, or even upgrade and expand existing ones.

 Consumables and Conservation and Preservation Equipment
  • We provide equipment and consumables;
  • Up-to-date and flexible laboratory furniture;
  • Climate chambers; Anoxia chambers;
  • Solvent, fume and dust extraction equipment;
  • Digitization Equipment.
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