“Me gustaría poder llevar a cabo la digitalización del fondo histórico“: entrevista a María Luísa Vílchez, archivera en el Archivo Histórico Municipal de Baena.

En esta ocasión hablamos con Mª Luísa Vílchez Rodríguez, Licenciada en Historia Moderna por la Universidad de Granada  y Matrícula de Honor en Paleografía Moderna, por dicha Universidad. Transcribió el expediente que dió nombre a la edición del libro “Los Naturales del Reino de Granada Expulsados de Baena (1609-1610), publicado por el Ayuntamiento de Baena, a través de la Fundación Centro de Documentación Juan Alfonso de Baena en el año 2013. Para conocer más sobre el Ayuntamiento de Baena ir a la página web:

We are looking for new collaborators to join the Archivoz Team

Close to a year, Archivoz continues with the construction of an international project to give voice to archives and information technology professionals of the world. We have the aim to be able to learn about their concerns, experiences, and all those developments that are taking place in our area of knowledge.

From our archival perspective, it is intended to be inclusive with other document management enviroments to develop a coherent editorial line, following with an accessible  house style in order to bring readers outside the information & documentation sector. On this short period, we have had time to strengthen a project that grows every day thanks to its readers, but also to all those professionals and students who have made this possible over this year of altruistic work.

Now, the time has come to spread our voice and bring new fellows who wish to learn and come up with an more international scope. What are we looking for?

  1. Professionals or students from archives or document management area (even with basic knowledge of management of contents and very eager to learn).
  2. It will be valued experience in other collaborative web projects and experience in development of personal blogs.
  3. Familiar with new technologies and Social Media.
  4. Fluent in Spanish Language (written)

If you would like to join us, please contact us here.