We can smell Christmas and, with it, a well-deserved vacation for the team. This is a key moment to recharge our batteries and think about our new future projects. I want to reflect for a moment with you and analyse how the year has developed. I would like to thank the entire Archivoz team, who are always willing to give their best to continue growing the magazine and be on top of different countries; without this team, the magazine could not function, so thank you very much for all your enthusiasm and endeavour.

 As every year, we also want to thank all our readers and collaborators who have made it possible for Archivoz to continue consolidating its activity, receiving visits from professionals from all over the world.

 In the last 12 months, we have published more than 85 entries, including articles, interviews, news or editorials that have been read by more than 200,000 readers all over the globe and who have accessed our content in the four languages ​​in which we have published during 2022. We cannot forget our annual conferences that we keep organising; this year this event was organised by the Portuguese team. All this is possible thanks to the collaboration of more than 76 experts involved in Archivoz throughout the year to share their experiences and talk about all kind of record management and archival practice projects. We want to thank all of them for collaborating with our project and being a fundamental part of its success.

 We face the new year with the same enthusiasm with which we opened this magazine in 2017 and always with new ideas that we look forward to developing in the coming months.

 For the moment, we are taking a short Christmas vacation until January 9, 2022, and we say goodbye to this 2022 with my favourite interviews and articles, a challenging selection. It would be great if You, our readers, share with us what your favourite readings have been. Please leave your comment in the comments box.

Happy holidays and have a fantastic start 2023. We will see you in January 2023.

Noemi Ortega Raventós

Noemi Ortega Raventós

Director, Archivoz Magazine

Archivist at the British Library

Noemi is a Content Specialist, Archivist for the Qatar Foundation Partnership Programme at the British Library and Director at Archivoz Magazine and Board Member of SEDIC (Spanish Society for Scientific Documentation and Information). She received her MA in Archives and Records Management from ESAGED/UAB (Graduate School of Archival and Record Management/Autonomous University of Barcelona) in 2014. She holds a BA Degree in History and MA in Medieval Studies from UB (University of Barcelona).

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