It is a source of great pride to share with you that Revista Archivoz has reached a collaborative agreement with the Sociedad Española de Documentación e Información Científica (Spanish Society for Scientific Information and Documentation), Spain’s principal association dedicated to information production, documentation and administration. Consequently, the magazine will now fall officially under the editorship of SEDIC, although our current creative teams will continue in place. In this way, we are able to place our efforts under the umbrella of a well-established organization that is willing to partner with us to continue growing this project.

SEDIC’s mission is the advancement and development of information professionals, in order to enable them to work together with the public and thereby contribute directly to public welfare and the creation of value. Its main objective is the establishment of an innovative organizational space focusing on the demands of the field in a way that is effective, adaptive, and sustainable. We at Revista Archivoz hope to add to this effort through the publication of relevant and interesting content and the participation of professionals around the world.

We are confident that this project will continue to evolve, and to that end, we have developed a new design for our magazine, which we will unveil soon.

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