From Archivoz Magazine we wish you a Merry Christmas, and we invite you to read the 10 most read articles of 2019

One more year! We at Archivoz wish you all a happy holiday season, and hope that the coming year of 2020 is filled with personal and professional success for you all.

We feel that the year’s end is a perfect time to thank our readers and contributors for having made 2019 such a special year for Archivoz. Over these last twelve months, we have seen our project grow, from its beginnings in 2017, to more than 130,000 readers around the world, thanks to the splendid efforts of a multidisciplinary editorial team made up of professionals from twelve different countries on four different continents. But all of that would have been impossible without the willing participation of over 75 field experts who have taken part in interviews and contributed original articles to our magazine. To all of you we owe a great deal of the success we enjoy among our peers.

We close out the year confident that we have done our best to document trends and developments in our field and to create and publish high-quality content, having worked hard to craft informative interviews, to rescue and disseminate our forgotten audiovisual heritage, in the creation of new fora for dialogue by way of our First Archivoz Symposium in Madrid (taking the opportunity to announce ongoing development of our second symposium, to be held in Bogotá, Colombia), and in the search for synergy and collaboration with professional organizations, as with the recent collaborative agreement signed with SEDIC (the Spanish Society for the Creation and Documentation of Scientific Information).

As a farewell to 2019, as we head into our Christmas break (from December 23 to January 5, in order to prepare a few surprises for the new year), we leave you with our three top articles of the year in each of the languages in which we publish. Enjoy, and we’ll see you on the flipside!

Articles in Spanish language:
Articles in Portuguese language:
Articles in English language:
Articles in Italian language:

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