Víctor Villapalos

Archivoz’s newsroom closes for holidays until the 19th of August

During the last months, Archivoz has been settled down as a divulgation channel specialised in archives and records management. All of this has been possible, mostly due to the people following and reading us from all around the world.

During last year, we created and expanded our editorial team in different disciplines, giving a voice to different professions (archivists, librarians, documentarists, researchers and journalist) and different nationalities. Currently, we have editorial teams in Senegal, Argentina, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Brasil, Portugal, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Italy and the Middle East (Qatar), and we are working to bring new members to our team. It has been hard but rewarding work.

Being such a multidisciplinary and global team, and thanks to all the professionals that collaborate with us, we have been able to increase our impact to a level that we would have never imagined. To all of them, and of course, to all of our readers: thanks!.

Now, it is time for us to take a deserved holidays. It is going to be a two weeks break that will give us some rest and time to think about all the improvements that we can make.

We will be back on the 19th of August with new and exciting contents. Wait for it!.

Kind regards,


Do you want to become an editor? Archivoz open new vacancies

After nearly two years of operation, Archivoz continues to grow as an informative international project providing a platform for professionals from archives and information industries all around the world. It showcases their concerns and experiences as well as the unusual aspects of our profession.

From our archival perspective, we have tried to develop a coherent editorial line focused on themes of interest for the professional, while ensuring the language and format remains accessible to readers outside the information sector. We actively seek to include members from other professions and contexts related directly related to records management and archivist.

In this short period, we have created a project that continues to grow thanks, mainly, to its readers, but also to all the professionals and students who have made it possible through their volunteer efforts.

Now, the time has come to grow further, and we are looking for new professionals or students who would like to support Archivoz to increase its international reach by volunteering as web content editors.

The Archivoz journal is seeking new members for this collaborative project.

If you would like to become a member please read the criteria below.

Do you want to become a Content Editor?

What are we looking for?

  1. We are looking for professionals or students in the field of archives and records management, with basic knowledge of content management and who are eager to learn.
  2. Experience in other collaborative web projects and expertise in the development of personal blogs will be valued.
  3. The person needs to be familiar with new technologies and Social Media.
  4. Social skills and languages will be valued.

What do we offer?

  1. Incorporation into an international team of professionals from whom you will learn a lot.
  2. Expansion of your network of contacts and participation in a prominent international project of recognized prestige.

(This is a voluntary and altruistic project, none of the members of the team has any financial compensation).

Are you interested?

Get in touch with us through the mail direccion[at]archivoz.es