About Archivoz

Archivoz is a new free informative digital journal in blog format relating to archives and records management. It is born out of a voluntary and altruistic project.

A group of professionals from the sector have decided to collaborate on this project to work on a new way of communicating and disseminating the topics of interest for record keeping professionals and document management who wish to keep up to date and learn about experiences and good practices in our field.

As well as the developments, those that are occurring in our area of ​​knowledge.

Our editorial line complies, mainly, with two aspects:

  1. We are a platform that aims to give a voice to all those professionals who wish to publish in our environment providing they follow the format and meet the quality criteria we require.
  2. Our objective is to publish informative articles and provide access to this field of knowledge to other areas of interest outside the sector.

With this basis, we look for topics of interest to help professionals share and consume knowledge of archives, technologies, records management, projects, success stories, professional experiences, funding, events, and investigations among others.

At Archivoz we are aware the profession constantly needs new ways of disseminating stories and ideas which help spread the great work behind our documentary heritage. For this reason, the project is formed by a multidisciplinary team which complements knowledge and diverse experiences to provide the project with different points of view.

We hope you find it interesting and actively participate reading or writing in Archivoz.